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Special Features

Custom IVR Solutions

We provide simple to advanced IVR solutions enabling you to provide myriad of services to your customers.

Business Contact Management

MyVirtualVoice has very effective contact management software built into the communication system.

Professional Voice Recordings

We provide the professional IVR recordings as a service. With our assistance you can get professional sounding IVR voice.


Call Report

In this world of Data driven decisions, it is imperative you have a handle on all the data that you can measure and aggregate. Many companies collect data on survey, support, sales life cycle and then iterates, improves and uses that data analyse.

The same should apply to your call data records, and V3S Solutions gives you this opportunity to have all the relevant details that occur over Voice & SMS using this MyVirtualVoice platform.

With Call Data Records you should and can:
1. Measure how many incoming and outgoing calls have been made on your account. – Based on selected duration.
2. Analyze each user usage and groups performance.
3. Spot trends on how many additional resources you require to handle the call flow.
4. Understand patterns of during what time the call volume is the highest for optimisation.



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