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Special Features

Toll Free Numbers

A freephone number or toll-free telephone number is a special telephone number that is free for the calling party, the cost of the call instead being charged by the telephone carrier to the called party.

MyVirtualVoice Provide you with the 1800 Number of your choice for your business. You can either choose from an extensive list of our existing toll free numbers or request a number of your choice. MyVirtualVoice will try its best to get that number for you. A toll free number for your company allows your customers and potential customers to freely communicate with you by not worrying about paying anything from their pocket. This gives you an edge over your competitors. You can get toll free numbers from us and not worry about activation as they are pre-activated. You can also use our web interface to pick a number that spells your companies name or service you provide.

For example:

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DID Numbers

DID numbers are direct numbers which allow a user to be reached without having to dial any extension. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers can be forwarded to other landline or mobile numbers. MyVirtualVoice has a built in DID number interface that enables users to configure local and toll free numbers, convenient for any size of organization. What are some of the main benefits of DID numbers provided by MyVirtualVoice?

  • MyVirtualVoice interface can be used to configure forwarding to multiple numbers.
  • IVR phone greetings can be customized to be unique for every client.
  • Built in call tracking facilities with analytics which tells the particular DID number that is receiving the most calls. Marketing and advertising campaigns can be tweaked accordingly.
  • Call recordings to enable follow up on queries by potential customers.

You can get local landline numbers across India, projecting your company's presence pan India. Calls from these numbers can be forwarded a single number or a group of numbers. These and many more can be had from MyVirtualVoice.

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10 Digit Numbers

We provide dedicated numbers for each employee or company wide numbers. You can get dedicated numbers for each department allowing the customer to reach where he want to reach without going through IVRs. Get Inbound SMS on 10 Digit numbers and build Customised SMS Flows. Set auto response to Customer SMSes, process SMS in Applications through API, to Email Addresses and Phones numbers of Users or Departments. You can also build Customised SMS Applications.

Call Recording

Call recording facility and the resultant feedback from clients and potential customers have a number of advantages. This is available on MyVirtualVoice. It enables an in depth understanding of the issues of customers, making product enhancements, knowing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, comments regarding competition and reaction to new products and services. In short, it enables analysis and monitoring of client feedback which is an important pillar of any business.

Our call recording facility has a number of features. Some of them are -

  • Calls can be listened in real time from any location, all you need is broadband.
  • Recording can be started at any time to record the call.
  • Trigger call recording by contact name, caller ID, area code and other specified parameters.
  • Find recordings quickly through date and time, flagged name and number and other values.
  • In built security enables monitoring, recording and playback rights to designated people only.
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Voice Mail

Voice Mail in its simplest form is a computer based system that enables both the users and subscribers to swap voice messages, deliver voice information and to process transactions even over an ordinary telephone. MyVirtualVoice has built in voice mail services, ensuring that a company is always in touch with their clients and potential customers round the clock. It acts as an answering machine and can be linked with any number, be it mobile or landline.

MyVirtualVoice is designed to express a caller’s (customer’s) recorded message to a recipient (company). This is done in three ways –

  • A user interface that allows playing and managing messages.
  • Voicemail can also be accessed by dialing in from a registered number and entering a 6 digit PIN.
  • A notification process informs the recipient of the awaiting message. MyVirtualVoice - voice mail makes sure that you are always in sync with your clients.

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Professional IVR Recording

We provide the professional IVR recordings as a service. With our assistance you can get professional sounding IVR voice, without you having to jump through the hoops. We have a talent pool, drawing voice talent from all over India. We have tie ups with sound recording studios, who use state-of-art equipment for recordings. We have our own facility for post-processing of recordings. You can also get personalized recordings for promotional purposes and to wish clients on festivals and even on their birthdays, anniversaries.

SMS on Email

My Virtual Voice facilitates sending SMS text messages through email. This has a number of benefits. Before going through it in detail it must be mentioned that the SMSs are sent almost immediately to the customers’ inbox without any time delay. This is particularly useful for marketing campaigns where speed is essential if a one has to always be a step ahead of his competitors.

To avail of this facility, the SMS has to be sent to our gateway number with the first word of the SMS being the recipients email address. It is then transmitted instantly to the concerned in-box. Bulk SMSs can be sent through email. It is done easily and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of business. You can keep all your customers updated on product modifications and launches and any important news that needs to be conveyed. A list of email addresses is all that is required.

Standard charges of the concerned network provider will apply. This is small price to pay for the quantum of work being done without causing any trouble or use of man hours at your end.

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Click to Call Service

Click to Call service allows one to essentially click a button or a link on a website to get connect with the 2nd or 3rd party. Using MyVirtualVoice interface you can connect to your client using the web interface by a single click.

  • When a visitor to your website clicks on the click to call service button, he is prompted to enter his phone number.
  • The telephone at your end will start ringing. When you pick up the phone, a message will inform you that you are being connected to a website visitor.
  • As soon as you answer, the system at our end bridges both calls. This is done irrespective of whether the caller is on a landline or mobile.
  • Every detail of the call is saved in the system and can be referred to at a later date. It can even be so arranged that the end of the call will trigger an email with all call details.

In the present digital world, a link between a visitor to the website and personal communication for any clarifications about the web content is crucial for growth of business.

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Inbound / Outbound SMS

When MyVirtualVoice takes charge of inbound and outbound SMSes of a business, results are guaranteed. This is because SMSes and calls are integrated together. When a customer makes a call, an acknowledgement SMS is sent. On the other hand, a call can be made against an SMS received. Marketing and advertising campaigns depend a lot on SMSes for a wide reach and even to get feedback from valued patrons. Thousands of SMSes can be sent with just a click. We have good APIs that facilitate sending of bulk SMSes. And most importantly, MyVirtualVoice does not charge a flat rate for this service. It depends proportionally on the number being sent.

Customers benefit a lot from the inbound and outbound SMS configuration provided by us. It is possible to –

  • Send bulk promotional SMSes to unlimited numbers.
  • Send SMSes to customers as confirmation for orders are received.
  • Using API for sending promotional and transactional SMSes.
  • Sending updates and product improvements to customers or follow up through SMS if a call is missed from any one of them.

MyVirtualVoice facilitates sending SMS text messages through email at extremely low rates. SMSes are a very effective communication tool. It saves a lot of time when personal calls are substituted with this medium.

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Organisation & Contact Management

Contact management has become an integral part of any business. With severe competition in every industry and amongst almost all major business, an electronic database of customers and business contacts becomes vital to have a personalized approach and gain that extra edge. A large number of tools with many data collection methods to track various customer parameters are no longer feasible, both economically and time wise. Instead, single contact management software that monitors clients, customers and vendors through emails, faxes, calendars and other business related factors is more useful.

MyVirtualVoice has very effective contact management software built into the communication system. A whole lot of important aspects are immediately visible through a pop-up window as soon as a client calls in. All details are displayed including key data on past transactions and communication history. Based on this it becomes much easier to converse with him as his mindset and behavioral patterns are already known. Small personal touches to greet him on birthdays and anniversaries can be added to his data too.

From the customer’s point of view, effective contact management means that his preferred language will have been saved in the system and once he calls, it will be directed to his account manager without taking him through long winding IVR network.

Contact management now has become a very important cog in the wheel of impeccable customer service and management.

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Phone Books

Not in the too distant past, a phone book brought on images of bulky volumes with names and telephone numbers given in alphabetical order. Not anymore. Today phonebooks are available on the web. All that needs to be done is to type in the name of the person and all information such as telephone no. street name, zip code will be on display. And if the phone number is given, other details can be seen in the form of a reverse phone book.

How MyVirtualVoice can help manage your sales leads? MyVirtualVoice has a phone book in the web version integrated into the configuration. Here you can add and manage your sales leads. You can group the leads in groups to organize them. This helps the company know who is calling and all other relevant details. This is saved in the system and hence our contact management popup window is capable of displaying full particulars of all inward calls. It helps a lot in electronic management of client data. Even interacting with clients become a lot easier as business strategies can be designed around their demographic location.

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Call Back and Meeting Schedules

There are multiple benefits of having My Virtual Voice installed in your company. This software communication configuration ensures that you are never away from being in touch your clients, round the clock throughout the year. The IVR systems by MyVirtualVoice have call back facilities. In this option the caller, usually the customer calls the company and on hearing the ring tone hangs up immediately. Within a few seconds he receives a call from the company and interaction can take place. This is often used for international calls which in many cases work out cheaper.

For meeting schedules, the dial-in option has come as a very cost efficient substitute of the traditional conferencing provider service. The system permits participants to join a conference call or a Live meeting that uses Dial-in Conferencing for the audio. This can take place from any landline or mobile device. Through this, Dial-in conference members and even non-members of the office or corporate network can join in without the necessity of a conference provider.

What do we do? Install the conferencing Add-in as well as configure the Dial-in conference settings. With this, your office communication system will be fully optimized.

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Allows your application to interact with our system using predefined functions. In order to access a web-based software application or even a web tool, a set of programming standards or instructions are required. This is application-programming interface or API. Any software company can make its API open to the public so that other software developers can have products and services driven by it. For example, if an e-commerce site “A” releases its API, another similar site “B” can directly post links on “A” with the latest prices and “buy now” option.

How does MyVirtualVoice benefit you with its API?
First you generate an API Key. API reference documentation on our website gives relevant information for your developers to integrate your CRM/ERP or any other custom application with our telephony cloud. MyVirtualVoice API opens up our infra and services for you to provide seamless telephony integration with your application. Integration of your application with our API will make for quicker and easier customer relationships.

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Missed Call Alerts

There can be nothing more disastrous for business than a lost opportunity. And this is exactly what a missed call can mean for you. You might have been in a meeting or simply did not hear the phone ring. MyVirtualVoice will ensure that you keep track of all important calls. The features given below make certain that you are always in sync with your customers.

Missed Call Alerts will keep a record of all missed and rejected calls that have not been called back later. Once it is done, the sticky missed call notification will be removed. Site also keeps a record of all calls dialed by you which have either been rejected or were unsuccessful. Here too, the alert will be taken off once you can get through to the called party.

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Vanity Numbers

The art of modern business is to be in the limelight always, to be professional in every respect and most importantly, remembered always. There is no better way to do this than have a telephone number that is out of the ordinary and in a sequence that can be easily stored in human memory. If customers can remember your calling number effortlessly, they are more likely to call you than your competitors. These are vanity numbers and MyVirtualVoice will help get them for you.

With number portability knowing no geographical boundaries, a vanity number will remain with you wherever you might be. Their utility becomes more apparent if you have a company that relies to a great extent on doing business over phone. Even a phone number put on an advertisement and displayed on a billboard will draw in more queries if it can be remembered effortlessly.

Vanity numbers are really great for your business and to add a certified touch to it. Many service providers levy a charge for them. But considering the returns on this investment, it is truly a small price to pay. Get in touch with us to know more.

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Custom IVR Solutions

IVRs allows the caller to interactively deal with an IT system using DTMF input. Today IVRs are utilized to provide services at push of a button.

We provide simple to advanced IVR solutions enabling you to provide myriad of services to your customers. Our IVR solutions allow our clients to do market surveys, reduce call volume to you by enabling customer self-service, filter unwanted calls, track leads, get feedback, virtual receptionist etc.
Our proprietary simple to use and intuitive user interface allows you to create a complex IVR in no time. Feel free to make changes to existing flows on-the-fly to best accommodate your business needs.
Having a robust IVR allows you to take your business to the next level.

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Mobile Application

Our mobile application allows you to manage your account settings. When a call is received on your toll free or virtual number which is getting forwarded to you, the application shows you the caller ID of the caller.

SMS Alerts for Incoming Calls

You can get SMSs for all calls received by the system for your account. This option can be configured from the admin interface and turned off at any time.

In-depth Analytics

MyVirtualVoice gives you beautifull reports, visually represented by graphs and charts. This gives you an insightful view of your usage of our services.

Call and SMS Logs

We provide you with call and SMS details for a period of 3 months, with an option to download the same.

Web Interface for Call and Contact Management

Using MyVirtualVoice interface, you can manage all aspects of how your calls are handled. You can set forwarding, welcome messages/greetings, IVR, etc all on-the-fly. You can also manage your contacts and import new contacts using popular contact sharing formats. Also, contacts can be synced with Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Dial By Extension

Customers can reach any one of your users by simply dialling in their extension number.

Dial By Name

Customer can reach your user if they just know the name of your users. When the call is picked up by the IVR, it prompts the customer to enter the user’s last names first 2 digits on the dial pad. If there are more than 1 result, the IVR responds with options of the available user names one by one. The customer can then input the user they wish to talk to by entering the number of the user.

Schedule Based Call Routing

You can schedule call to be forwarded from our service to any number of your choosing based on time of the day. Have a meeting? set forwarding to a colleague's number for that duration or simply send an SMS with the text ‘MUTE’ to ‘+919289224990’ and have calls held at our end with a message informing the caller that you are busy. ‘UNMUTE’ and get a summary of calls on email instantly. The possibilities are endless.
This can also be managed using our web interface.

Contact Based Call Routing

Contact based routing allows you to divert calls from a particular person to any number of your choosing. You can divert the call to your block list or forward the call to a colleague or to voicemail.

Black Lists

Simple web interface allows you to add numbers to a blacklist which allows you to block unsolicited calls.

White Lists

Make sure that the calls from important caller always reach you. The call flow or IVR can be overridden by adding numbers to the whitelist.

Connect to Account Manager

A customer calling in can get in touch with his/her account manager directly by skipping the IVR.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 Support to our customers. We are known for our professional and quality support. Our dedicated team of support engineers is always ready to help you anytime, anyday.


Integrated calendar allows you to set follow ups for leads, reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries of your contacts.

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