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Complete Communication Solution for your Business

An effective communication network is at the core of any well run enterprise. Typically it consists of phone lines, a toll free number, EPBAX and IVR. Each cog in the wheel has to be set up separately and then incorporated into the whole, resulting in a substantial amount of capital and recurring expenditure.

We at Agnosco offer communication solutions that integrate all modules into one. A basic connection with a handset is enough. This includes IVR driven flows for callers, state-of-the-art system for supporting hundreds of destinations and self-service automation for all types of calls.

Cloud telephony applications also enable users to scale capacity based on demand. He pays only for what is required at any give time. When a company has to meet a surge in communications due to special announcements or product launches, our cloud based telephony stack will handle the spike. The company need inform us and we will simply allocate extra resources.

Whatever might be the situation, cloud based IVR will always be open for your customers. Give a call to Agnosco IT Services for comprehensive communication solutions and our cloud based telephony services and will keep you connected with the world round the clock throughout the year.

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