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MyVirtualVoice is a name to reckon with as a cloud based hosting provider. We play a big role in installing modern telecom systems in developing nations around the world with special focus on fast growing markets of India and the Middle East. Our team of professionals with years of experience and expertise in this field will customize comprehensive communication solutions exclusively for you. 

Communication is the backbone of any business from the smallest micro enterprises to the largest corporate houses. The key lies in installing a configuration that not only suits the specific needs of a company but one that is affordable too. For fledgling startups, the high capital expenditure and technical knowledge required for operating a state of the art communication package is often a daunting task. The telecom sector, till not so long ago relied on conventional desk based hardware consisting of EPBX and IPPBX for their communication needs even though the digital world was moving at a rapid pace.

However, we at MyVirtualVoice were able to keep up with the times when it was found that most businesses were shifting to cloud based IT infrastructure solutions. We started developing a cloud based telephony system which would be of immense help to our clients. They would pay only for their specific communication requirement. Any special rise in demand like product launches would be automatically handled. Most importantly, even during natural disasters it would be business-as-usual since cloud based IVR are protected by massively distributed and redundant networks.

We have integrated a host of exclusive IVR features on our cloud based systems including natural language call routing applications and support for all types of calls. Our in-house developed My Virtual Voice IVR service has all the facilities that give an enhanced and personalized communication experience between the company and the client. Get in touch with us to know more.

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